Illustration MATIÈRES
MATIÈRES The choice of materials and assembly of fabrics, at times deliberately alienated from their original vocation, are an integral part of the Cotélac signature line. It’s a brand in the image of its creator, always ready to jostle the status quo.
Posted on : may 26th 2017
Illustration RONDE DES INDES
RONDE DES INDES Discover Ronde des Indes, a bohemian theme inspiring wanderlust and escapism. The embroidery is made in the Indies and showcases the ancestral skills of that part of the world.
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Posted on : may 19th 2017
COTÉLAC'S ATELIER, A MADE IN FRANCE SAVOIR-FAIRE Cotélac is an established brand in France that was founded in 1993 as part of the family’s hosiery business located at the Nantua lake. Hence the name’s origin (Coté lac, i.e. Lakeside) that quickly became synonymous with know-how practiced in the heart of the Ambérieu-en-Bugey studios. Now more than ever, they constitute the core of the brand thanks to its integrated workshop and production facilities.
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Posted on : may 12nd 2017
Illustration L'ART DU PLISSÉ
L'ART DU PLISSÉ A signature skill practiced in the studio of Cotélac, thanks to the local pleaters with lovely names (Arlequin, Cristal, Bouillonneuse) and wonderful stories to tell, which can create various shines on the fabric: mini religious, micro pleat bouillonnés, small tight pleats, fine or rounded, “sun” pleats... each pleated piece is, by definition, unique.
Posted on : may 5th 2017