Illustration WINTER COATS
WINTER COATS Warm up for winter with Cotélac’s collection of coats for any occasion. Created in pure wool, alpaca, leather and mohair, each design takes you on a journey that explores Cotélac’s commitment to savoir-faire – offering comfort and cosiness without substituting on that essential resistance to the elements and an uninhibited freedom of movement.
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Posted on : november 24th 2017
Illustration POMPONS BLEUS
POMPONS BLEUS Designed by our stylists, the exclusive « Pompons bleus » motif warms the winter with colorful flowers. Each piece is unique, individually sublimation-printed in our workshops.
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Posted on : november 17th 2017
Illustration TRAVELS IN IRAN
TRAVELS IN IRAN This winter, Cotélac has been influenced by traditional Persian and Iranian art. Taking you on an imaginary voyage, discover themes within the collection: a cotton blouse decorated with Iranian Cypress trees, a dress that references ‘Persépolis’, along with jackets and pants that look to Iranian tapestry for inspiration.
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Posted on : november 10th 2017
"PETITES FLEURS", EXCLUSIVE PRINT Original creation from our ateliers at Ambérieu-en-Bugey and inspired by an imaginary garden, the exclusive printed design "Petites Fleurs" calls for romanticism.
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Posted on : november 3rd 2017