Illustration COTÉLAC X SAWA
COTÉLAC X SAWA Once again, this season Cotélac is collaborating with SAWA, a committed brand that makes trainers “Made in Africa”. Two new exclusive pairs are being made in the workshops in Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia.
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Posted on : april 27th 2018
Illustration THE ANIMEN
THE ANIMEN At Cotélac, we have a soft spot for this trendy rock band, whose music ranges from dramatic outbursts of breathless rock to soulful ballads. In just two albums, the band from Geneva has made a name for itself in Switzerland and beyond, thanks to its resolutely electric energy, its frenetic riffs and its edgy melodies.
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Posted on : april 20th 2018
Illustration LA MONTAGNE
LA MONTAGNE Raphaëlle Cavalli, the designer of Cotélac, draws some of her inspiration from nature and large open spaces. In particular, the mountains are a source of imagination: sketched by her, the summits become sensitive characters, with flamboyant birds soaring above in the bright blue sky.
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Posted on : april 13rd 2018
Illustration CLOCHETTES
CLOCHETTES Created in our workshops in Ambérieu-en-Bugey, this unique print reveals spring flowers that intermingle on a vegetal and graphic background.
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Posted on : april 6th 2018