SPRING-SUMMER COATS Cotélac has created the perfect coats for our summer evenings – a timeless trench, a shimmering perfecto in lamb’s leather, or a jacquard jacket with a unique motif. Each model is a response to the whims of the sun and the promise of a style which is always right and creative.
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Posted on : may 25th 2018
SUMMER ESSENTIALS The secret of a summer wardrobe is to have a few essential items, which we take everywhere and which suit every occasion.
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Posted on : may 18th 2018
Illustration AQUA BAG
AQUA BAG In the mountains around Agadez, in Niger, elderly Tuareg women perpetuate the region’s artisanal know-how. The AQUA bag, entirely hand-assembled, is the result of a new collaboration between Cotélac and these exceptional textile finishers.
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Posted on : may 11st 2018
Illustration PETIT JARDIN
PETIT JARDIN A fresh, spring-time motif, “Petit jardin” is an original Cotélac design. The theme features on a jacket, blouse and skirt outfit for a delicate look, reminiscent of a walk in the fields. This is a jacquard motif.
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Posted on : may 4th 2018