Women in Black moodboard was inspired by a trip to Antwerp. The new winter 2020 collection by Cotélac has drawn on the city’s Baroque style, mirrored in its churches, museums and people.

The attention to detail, the frenzy of movements, the sensuality, the theatricality and the architectural shapes that characterise Baroque art can all be found in Antwerp, the hometown of Flemish painter Rubens. 

Women in Black embodies the modern woman and combines the male and female genders with the “black & white” suit. All these seemingly contradictory aspects make Cotélac creations as diverse as they are.


Black, but not only. Women in Black is an opportunity to discover just how diverse the black colour palette really is. Cotélac offers a wide range of nature-inspired colours. Its glacier blue will take you to Antarctica, where cool colours and pastel shades merge.
Natural colours will take you back to your roots, to life on earth — reflected in the moss green shades of lichens.

Cotélac’s expertise and artistic creativity have given rise to the Women in Black mood board, bringing out the depth of our winter 2020 collection. Cotélac reveres all silhouettes and adapts to all shapes and sizes.

Soft and light tones are this winter collection’s heart and soul. With its “L’île aux Paons” and “Oxygen” prints, Cotélac has drawn inspiration from cultures worldwide. The “L’île aux
Paons” theme promotes traditional Japanese culture, sensuality and refinement through the use of fabrics such as silk. Cotélac celebrates the contemporary woman in all its forms, from active women focused on their wellbeing to artists expressing themselves through fashion and adventurers travelling the globe.


At Cotélac, surprise is the word. Our know-how is based on the contrast between look and feel. As the core of this know-how, fabric is a priority and constructs the clothing’s identity. Cool colours dominate our sweaters and coats, yet the creations are soft and warm when they envelop you. The items in the collection tailor to all styles and moods — they are this winter’s must-haves.

Always true to its values, Cotélac has shaken up the Women in Black universe through touches of originality with its micro-patterns. Inspired by various travels, this season’s emphasis is on colours that can be combined in a range of subdued shades and on the punchy contrasts of geometric shapes. Derived from Cotélac’s traditional know-how,
these prints will bring adventure to your wardrobe.