Cecile Mataillet
 It’s because they have this somewhat irregular, unstructured aesthetic effect and rich in nuances that we like to combine woven bags with our collections ,” explains Valérie, responsible for accessories. “ Perfectly in harmony with the Cotélac style, our woven leather bags are the result of long artisanal know-how. Age-old techniques, passed down from generation to generation, found in India in specialized workshops with which we have been working for more than ten years .”

The coloring of certain bags is obtained through a piece dyeing process, meaning once the bag is manufactured. This technique ensures original hues and particular reflections that will give depth, especially on woven pieces. If this process deliberately presents spots and irregularities, they should not be considered as defects, but as the typical results of this method, which make each item unique and exclusive.

The majority of cowhide leathers used are vegetable-tanned leathers. A completely natural manufacturing process that uses tannins found in wood and plants, giving the leather an authentic character, intense tones, and numerous shades. Over the years, your bag will age, but it will not deteriorate. It will be precisely the transformations that occur over time that will testify to the natural character of the bag. Therefore, you can keep it for many years and pass it on.

Regarding the question of whether to use leather from an animal or not, for Valérie, things are clear: The use of leather is inherently ecological, as it reuses what is considered waste by the food industry. A residue whose disposal would be complicated and polluting. By reinventing it, we transform it into a valuable object that can be preserved over time.


How to maintain your woven bag?

Due to its texture, braided leather tends to collect a bit more dust than smooth leathers, which over time can dull it slightly. To preserve it, it's necessary to dust it regularly. Simply brush it gently with a soft brush, always on dry leather. It's also possible to clean it with a soft, damp cloth to bring out its color and shine.

You can also, from time to time, apply a care product to nourish and protect it.

For proper preservation, it's recommended to keep the bag in its protective pouch, in a dry place, away from sunlight. Sun rays can indeed alter the leather's color.

If you haven't used it for a long period, quickly wipe it with a dry cotton or wool cloth to restore its beauty and shine.

Be careful not to leave your bag in contact with moisture for too long, and especially, do not use detergent to clean it.

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