No copy pasting at Cotélac. We prefer to trust our intuition. To leave room for creativeness and curiosity.   From the outset, at Cotélac we've always enjoyed using our in-house machines to bring out the best of materials, reinventing crushing techniques, bouillonné pleats, sublimation printing, and so forth. It is this slightly experimental industrial artisanalside that makes our pieces unique. Without forgetting, of course, the creativeness of our exclusive prints which, season after season, make our collections so characteristic.


Where do we get our inspiration? From the things we feel. From sensations we've experienced on our travels, memories of landscapes we've explored, unexpected discoveries...
Sometimes we spontaneously reflect one or two notes gleaned from incredible stories. Melodies that instantly remind us of endearing characters, or a special atmosphere.  From the wonderland of Lewis Caroll and the surrealism of Boris Vian to the nostalgia of Woody Allen, for this new Autumn-Winter 2022-23 collection, we fall under the spell of the poetry and dreamlike feel of three distinct worlds.  Somewhere between the
imagination and reality.

Through the Looking-Glass

Remember Alice and the White Rabbit who was always running because he was late for a very important date? Directly inspired by Lewis Carroll's works, our collection ventures into the land of imagination by reinterpreting key

themes from the book. The mirror with its inverted motifs and infinite reflections, a giant chessboard with colour contrasts and big and small squares in opposition to each other...

An inverted world without any logic to it… Make way for new standards of unbridled creativity and innovation. 

Froth on the Daydream

Freed from all constraint and all logic, there is room for the absurd and the irrational in Boris Vian's seminal novel. Remember Colin? The main character who has to constantly shower

Chloe, his partner, with flowers. And not just because he wants to show her his love on a daily basis. It's about keeping her alive. The only remedy is flowers to "scare off" the

water lily growing in her lungs. This is why exuberant plants have invaded the theme and
are available on all the pieces in this collection.

Stardust Memories

In musical accents typical of Raphaëlle Cavalli, this bittersweet comedy looks at past loves.

Playing on this jazzy, melancholy evocation, the collection takes on a nostalgic black and white theme.


And like a musical improvisation, notes of yellow and green accentuate some pieces.